Department of Mines and Geology, Government of Jharkhand

Geological Exploration Status

Detail of Geological Exploration carried out in Jharkhand (During 2014-15)

Sl. No. Mineral District Area Mapping(1:50,000/25,000) Mapping(1:4000) Sampling UNFCCode
1 Iron ore W. Singhbhum Karampada and Kiriburu 25 Sq Km 1.57 Sq Km 35 334
2 Iron Ore Sarikela- Kharsawan Loyadih and Tirildih 40.50 Sq Km 0.50 Sq Km 28 334
3 Manganese W. Singhbhum Bawaria and Pukhariya - 1.77 Sq Km 18 334
4 Manganese W. Singhbhum Hesapi & Halmatburu 10.00 Sq Km 1.79 Sq Km 25 334
5 Graphite Daltonganj Sons, Koiripathra and Dhangaon 50.00 Sq Km 1.20 Sq Km 27 334
6 Bauxite Gumla   51.00 Sq Km 2.10 Sq Km 61 334
7 Limestone Ramgarh Gola- Suthari 10.25 Sq Km 2.00 Sq Km 135 334
8 Limestone Ramgarh Bicha Sutharpur - 1.00 Sq Km 45 334
9 Quartz andFeldspar Deoghar Devipur Block 124 Sq Km 0.96 Sq Km 76 334

Achievement of Geological Exploration in F.S.- 2014-15

  • Geological exploration for Coal has been carried out in Banhardi Coal Block, Latehar District and 1000 MT. of Non Coking Coal of grade G to B is proved in the block. This Coal block was allocated to Jharkhand State Electricity Board.
  • Geological exploration for Graphite has been carried out in Koiri-Pathra, Sons and Dhangaon area of Lesliganj block in Palamu District where good quality of Graphite is available.
  • Geological exploration for Limestone has been carried out in Bich-Sutharpur area of Ramgarh District where Cement Grade Limestone is available with CaO 36.40% to 47.60%, SiO2- 11.51% to 30.54% and MgO- 0.80% to 10.00%.
  • Geological exploration for Limestone has been carried out in Haribandh between Gola and Sutri area of Ramgarh District. Cement Grade Limestone is available with CaO% 35.84 to 52.64%, SiO2% 4.64 to 32.70% and MgO% less then 4%.
  • In the West Singhbhum district geological exploration for Iron ore has been carried out in Karampada and Kiriburu area. This area lies between two lease hold areas of M/s. General Produce Company Limited and Steel Authority of India Limited. Chemical analysis report of the samples of this area is very encouraging. Fe content in the samples are found between 50.26% and 65.34%.
  • Geological exploration for low grade Iron ore and Manganese has been carried out in Lowadih and Tirildih of Saraikela-Kharsawan District. Low grade Iron ore (Fe content 47%-55%) has been found in this area.
  • In Hesapi and Halmatburu area in West Singhbhum District geological exploration for Manganese ore has been carried out. Mn content in the samples of Manganese ore varies from 22% to 33%.
  • Geological exploration has been carried out for Bauxite at Chawrapat, Chapakona area between Ligirpat and Amtipani in Gumla District. In 2 Sq km area good quality Bauxite is available with Al2O3 content between 47% and 53%.