Department of Mines and Geology, Government of Jharkhand

About Department


Jharkhand is a blessed land with the natural gift of immense mineral potential and other natural resources. The state stretches over 79,714 square kilometer geographical areas with 29.61% forest area and owns about 40% of total mineral resources of India. The State Occupies 1st position in coal reserves, 2nd position in Iron, 3rd position in Copper ore reserve, 7th position in Baxuite reserve and is the sole producer of prime coking coal. Limestone, Dolomite, Manganese, Mica, China Clay, Graphite, Soap stone, Fire Clay, Coal Bed Methane, Uranium, Phosphorite, Apatite, Quartz, Feldspar, Gold and Pyroxenite are the other important minerals available in huge quantities in State.


Department of Industries, Mines and Geology

Department of Industries, Mines and Geology is one of the important Department of Government of Jharkhand.It is the adminstrative Department of the Directorate of Mines and the Directroate of Geology. The main functions and activities of the Department are systematic survey and assessment of the mineral deposits of the State, their exploitation, administration of mines and mineral concession, enforcement measures for provention of illegal mining and smuggling of minerals and assessment and collection of mining revenue. The Departemnt strives for sustainable development of mineral resoures in a scientific and eco- friendly manner; so as to create a conducive environment for industrual growth in the state.

  1. Directorate of Mines - Directorate of Mines is responsible for the grant of Prospecting Licences, Recoinnance Permit & Mining leases of Minerals. It collects mineral revenue in the state. It acts as nodal department of mineral administration and works as per acts, rules and provisions related to the mineral development, sustainable and lawful mining in the state.
  2. Directorate of Geology- It conducts detail geological exploration of important minerals, ground water survey, geo technical studies and analysis of various minerals. It has resonsibility to prepare mineral blocks for auction with referance to newly enforced Mineral Auction Rule, 2015 of Govt. Of India.
  3. Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation- Under the Department, the Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation has been functioning and running a number of mines of graphite , limestone , kyanite, stone etc.The corporation has been alloted a number of coal Blocks by the Govt. of India for their developments. It also functions as nodal agency to provide coal to small Units released by Coal India Ltd.

Our Vision

A rich mineral producing state where natural resources are used optimally and equitably keeping strict environmental safeguards in the overall interest of the state and its people.

Our Mission

Exploration, development and administration of existing mineral potential of the state to ensure optimum, secured and sustainable utilization of mineral resources for the socioeconomic development of the people of Jharkhand under strict environmental safe guards.